Overlooked Basement Remodeling Ideas

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a room addition, take a short trip downstairs and have a look at your basement. Finishing a basement is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to add usable square footage to your house without a grade level room addition. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

It also allows you to avoid the risk of attaching an awkward box of a room to the back of your house that doesn’t jive with the character of the original structure. Room additions also take away precious garden space, and often stand in the way of the natural light that your existing rooms currently enjoy. Basement remodels, on the other hand, take up no additional land area and don’t take away from your home’s existing architectural style. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

Play Areas, Teen Hangouts, & Music Studios

Don’t think of your basement simply as a place to store holiday decorations, place sports equipment that you think you use someday, and send your kids when they are bad. If you maintain an open mind, your basement can be anything you want (well, almost). Take advantage of your basement’s “faults” such as isolation and darkness. Since basements are separated from the rest of the house on a lower floor, and are partially or completely underground, the surrounding earth acts as a sound barrier. This makes the basement ideal for noisy activities. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

Though you may want to add additional soundproofing, your basement could easily be transformed into a children’s play room, teenager hangout or music studio. Click on this link to have your basement outfitted with soundproofing. Take advantage of your basement’s lack of natural light by using it as a media room, dark room, or bedroom for someone who needs to sleep during the day. If you think creatively, you can start to look at your basement’s shortcomings as valuable assets. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

Exercise Rooms & Recreation Room

You can take advantage of the large open space in your basement by turning it into an exercise room or recreation room. Since a basement sub-floor is almost always concrete, which doesn’t transmit sound or vibration; you can go crazy on the treadmill without making the house shake like a 7.0 earthquake. You can carpet a portion of the room so that you will have a cushioned area for stretching, sit ups or running in place. If you are concerned about lugging your vacuum down the basement steps, you consider using interlocking rubber mats instead. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

If you’re more likely to shoot pool with your buddies than do lunges and sit ups, you can turn your basement into a rec. room. Make sure you have enough space in the correct dimensions for the activities you want to do. The plain concrete functions better than carpet for a rec. room because it allows spills and stains to be easily cleaned up. If you want your place to be a little more stylish than a garage, you can stain the plain concrete floors. Click here for information on concrete staining. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

Home Wine Cellars

Since basements tend to be cool, they make ideal places for wine storage. Turning your basement into a wine cellar is particularly wise if your space is too small to function as any other type of room. Wine cellars can also add value to your house and impress your friends. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

If you have a large basement, and don’t plan on a gigantic wine collection, you can carve out a wine cellar in one corner of the room by building partition walls. You might even want to add a tasting area complete with seating and wine glass storage. Your basement remodeler will help you determine how to get the most out of this space. Precision Basement Remodeling of Columbus

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